ITG Library - Recent Book Acquisitions

Bulletin 133 - 01/07/2021 - 31/12/2021

A. Reference

  • Abdullahi I. Global library and information science: a textbook for students and educators. With contributions from Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Latin America and the Carribean, the Middle East, and North America. München, De Gruyter – Saur, 2009. 592 pp. (IFLA Publications: 136-137). [ITG Library: AHX/Online]
  • Bernal Morales B. Health and academic achievement; new findings. Rijeka, IntechOpen, 2021. 6 chapters. [ITG Library: AR/Online]

B. Natural science. Statistics

  • Lytras MD, et al. Artificial intelligence and big data analytics for smart healthcare. London, Academic Press, 2021. 260 pp. (Next Gen Tech Driven Personalized Med & Smart Healthcare). [ITG Library: BBM/Online]
  • Raza K, Dej N. Translational bioinformatics in healthcare and medicine. London, Academic Press, 2021. 235 pp. (Advances in Ubiquitous Sensing Applications for Healthcare; 13). [ITG Library: BBM/Online]
  • Singh DB, Pathak RK. Bioinformatics; methods and applications. London, Academic Press, 2022. 488 pp. [ITG Library: BBM/Online]
  • Sofi MY, et al. Bioinformatics for everyone. London, Academic Press, 2022. 244 pp. [ITG Library: BBM/Online]
  • Suchmacher M, Geller M. Practical biostatistics; a step-by-step approach for evidence-based medicine; 2nd ed. London, Academic Press, 2021. 193 pp. [ITG Library: BBM/Online]
  • Battersby J, Watson V. Urban food systems governance and poverty in African cities. London, Routledge, 2019. 267 pp. (Routledge Studies in Food, Society and the Environment). [ITG Library: BE.1/Online]
  • Zampelas A, Micha R. Antioxidants in health and disease. Boca Raton, CRC Press, 2015. 320 pp. (Online Access with DDA: Askews (Medicine)). [ITG Library: BEQ/Online]
  • Birbrair A. Cell sources for iPSCs. London, Academic Press, 2021. 257 pp. (Advances in Stem Cell Biology; 7). [ITG Library: BJC/Online]
  • Birbrair A. iPSCs for studying infectious diseases. London, Academic Press, 2021. 312 pp. (Advances in Stem Cell Biology; 8). [ITG Library: BJC/Online]
  • Birbrair A. Methods in iPSC technology. London, Academic Press, 2021. 349 pp. (Advances in Stem Cell Biology; 9). [ITG Library: BJC/Online]
  • Birbrair A. Current progress in iPSC disease modeling. London, Academic Press, 2022. 303 pp. (Advances in Stem Cell Biology; 14). [ITG Library: BJC/Online]
  • Beloborodova NV. Human microbiome. Rijeka, IntechOpen, 2021. 7 chapters. [ITG Library: BJT/Online]
  • Trindade Maia R. Genetic variation. Rijeka, IntechOpen, 2021. 16 chapters. [ITG Library: BJT/Online]

C. Internal medicine

  • Willis L. Professional guide to diseases; 11th ed. Philadelphia, Wolters Kluwer, 2020. 1185 pp. [ITG Library: C/Online]
  • Johansson I, Lynøe N. Medicine & philosophy; a twenty-first century introduction. Frankfurt, De Gruyter, 2008. 475 pp. [ITG Library: CB/Online]
  • Lovell B, Lander M, Murch N. Eureka: clinical skills, diagnostics and reasoning. Banbury, Scion Publishing, 2020. 423 pp. [ITG Library: CB/Online]
  • Marya R, Patel R. Inflamed: deep medicine and the anatomy of injustice. London, Allen Lane, 2021. 484 pp. [ITG Library: CB/24447]
  • McNamara P. Mastering medical exams: a systems-based approach. Banbury, Scion Publishing, 2020. 300 pp. [ITG Library: CB/Online]
  • Wehling M. Principles of translational science in medicine; from bench to bedside; 3rd ed. London, Academic Press, 2021. 477 pp. [ITG Library: CB/Online]
  • Wooliscroft JO. Implementing biomedical innovations into health, education, and practice; preparing tomorrow’s physicians. London, Academic Press, 2020. 290 pp. [ITG Library: CB/Online]
  • Langlois A. Negotiating bioethics: the governance of UNESCO’s bioethics programme. Abingdon, Routledge, 2013. 192 pp. (Genetics and Society). [ITG Library: CBE/Online]
  • Napier S. Uncertain bioethics; moral risk and human dignity. New York, Routledge, 2020. 273 pp. (Routledge Annals of Bioethics). [ITG Library: CBE/Online]
  • Sun S. Socio-economics of personalized medicine in Asia. [s.l.], Routledge, 2016. 198 pp. (Routledge Studies in the Sociology of Health and Illness). [ITG Library: CBK/Online]
  • Blackmore T. Palliative and end of life care for paramedics. Bridgewater, Class Professional, 2020. 211 pp. [ITG Library: CBX/Online]

D. History of medicine

  • Offit PA. You bet your life: from blood transfusions to mass vaccination, the long and risky history of medical vaccination. New York, Basic Books, 2021. 258 pp. [ITG Library: D/24443]
  • Cole L. Imperfect creatures; vermin, literature, and the sciences of life, 1600-1740. Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press, 2016. 240 pp. (Book Collections on Project MUSE). [ITG Library: DQ/Online]

E. Epidemiology. Demography

  • Harper K. Plagues upon the earth; disease and the course of human history. Princeton, Princeton University Press, 2021. 686 pp. [ITG Library: EA/24444]
  • Lewis M. The premonition; a pandemic story. London, Allen Lane, 2021. 304 pp. [ITG Library: EA/22429]
  • Mackenzie D. Stopping the next pandemic; how Covid-19 can help us save humanity. [s.l.], Bridge Street Press, 2021. 353 pp. [ITG Library: EA/24441]
  • Viswanath B. Pandemic outbreaks in the 21st century; epidemiology, pathogenesis, prevention, and treatment. London, Academic Press, 2021. 298 pp. [ITG Library: EA/Online]
  • Klimczuk A. Demographic analysis; selected concepts, tools, and applications. Rijeka, IntechOpen, 2021. 10 chapters. [ITG Library: EH/Online]
  • Minimally Invasive Tissue Sampling (MITS): accurate cause of death attribution and surveillance in low-resource settings. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2021. 143 pp. (Clinical Infectious Diseases; 73(Suppl.5)). [ITG Library: EK/Online]
  • Mobile creches. State of the young child in India. Milton, Routledge India, 2020. 300 pp. [ITG Library: ET.2/Online]
  • Beckford FB. Poverty and climate change; restoring a global biogeochemical equilibrium. London, Routledge, 2019. 180 pp. (Routledge Studies in Sustainable Development). [ITG Library: EV/Online]
  • IPCC. AR6 Climate Change 2021: the physical science basis. [s.l.], Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 2021. 1800 pp. [ITG Library: EV/Online]
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  • Thomson MC, Mason SJ. Climate information for public health action. Abingdon, Routledge, 2019. 243 pp. (Routledge Studies in Environment and Health). [ITG Library: EV/Online]
  • Gunga H-C. Human physiology in extreme environments; 2nd ed. London, Academic Press, 2020. 358 pp. [ITG Library: EY/Online]

H. Immunology. Infectious diseases

  • Mahler M. Precision medicine and artificial intelligence; the perfect fit for autoimmunity. London, Academic Press, 2021. 284 pp. [ITG Library: HB/Online]
  • Rezaei N. Translational autoimmunity; etiology of autoimmune diseases. London, Academic Press, 2022. 364 pp. (Translational Autoimmunity; 1). [ITG Library: HB/Online]
  • Rezaei N. Monoclonal antibodies. Rijeka, IntechOpen, 2021. 7 chapters. [ITG Library: HD/Online]
  • Triumphs in vaccination. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2021. 161 pp. (Journal of Infectious Diseases; 224(Suppl.4)). [ITG Library: HI/Online]
  • Translating pneumococcal, meningococcal and Haemophilus influenzae surveillance and laboratory data into global vaccinepolicy: a supplement from the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2021. 146 pp. (Journal of Infectious Diseases; 224(Suppl.3)). [ITG Library: HI/Online]
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  • Kaye KS, Dhar S. Infection prevention and control in healthcare. Part I: facility planning. Philadelphia, PA, Academic Press, 2021. 310 pp. (Infectious Disease Clinics of North America; 35(3)). [ITG Library: HW/Online]
  • Kaye KS, Dhar S. Infection prevention and control in healthcare. Part II: management of infections. Philadelphia, PA, Academic Press, 2021. 250 pp. (Infectious Disease Clinics of North America; 35(4)). [ITG Library: HW/Online]
  • Katz R, Boyce M. Inoculating cities; case studies of urban pandemic preparedness. London, Academic Press, 2021. 240 pp. [ITG Library: HW.S/Online]

I. Mycolog

  • Ostrosky-Zeichner L. Fungal infections. Philadelphia, PA, Academic Press, 2021. 294 pp. (Infectious Disease Clinics of North America; 35(2)). [ITG Library: IO/Online]
  • Wang X. Advances in Candida albicans. Rijeka, IntechOpen, 2021. 6 chapters. [ITG Library: IO/Online]

J. Microbiology, bacteriology

  • Blumenberg M. Microorganisms. Rijeka, IntechOpen, 2020. 14 chapters. [ITG Library: J/Online]
  • Erkmen O. Laboratory practices in microbiology. London, Academic Press, 2021. 274 pp. [ITG Library: J/Online]
  • Kirmusaoglu S. Pathogenic bacteria. Rijeka, IntechOpen, 2020. 13 chapters. [ITG Library: J/Online]
  • Friedman LN, Dedicoat M, Davies PDO. Clinical tuberculosis; 6th ed. Boca Raton, CRC Press, 2021. 447 pp. [ITG Library: JC/24430]
  • Sardana K, Khurana A. Jopling’s handbook of leprosy; revised 6th ed. New Delhi, CBS Publishers, 2021. 448 pp. [ITG Library: JD/24431]
  • Enteric diseases and nutritional disorders: persisting challenges for LMICs. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2021. 214 pp. (Journal of Infectious Diseases; 224(Suppl.7)). [ITG Library: JK/Online]
  • Lamas A. Salmonella spp. Rijeka, IntechOpen, 2021. 12 chapters. [ITG Library: JS/Online]
  • Burden of enteric fever in India: a call to action. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2021. 158 pp. (Journal of Infectious Diseases; 224(Suppl.5)). [ITG Library: JS.2/Online]
  • Bhonchal Bhardwaj S. Bacteriophages in therapeutics. Rijeka, IntechOpen, 2021. 10 chapters. [ITG Library: JZ/Online]

K. Virology

  • Davis D, Siu HF. SARS: reception and interpretation in three Chinese cities. London, Routledge, 2007. 180 pp. (Routledge Contemporary China Series; 16). [ITG Library: KM/Online]
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L. General parasitology. Protozoolog

  • Rollinson D, Stothart R. Advances in parasitology. Volume 112. Amsterdam, Elsevier, 2021. 271 pp. (Advances in Parasitology; 112). [ITG Library: L/Online]
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M. Helminthology

  • Morales Yánez FJ. Development of innovative nanobody-based strategies to improve the diagnosis of human toxocariasis. Brussel, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 2019. 182 pp. [ITG Library: MCQ/Online]
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N. Entomology

  • Dyck VA, Hendrich J, Robinson AS. Sterile insect technique: principles and practice in area-wide integrated pest management; 2nd ed. Boca Raton, CRC Press, 2021. 1201 pp. (Online Access: OAPEN Open Research Library (ORL)). [ITG Library: NT.S/Online]

P. Pathology. Hematology

  • Morales-Montor J, Segovia-Mendoza M. Immunotherapy in resistant cancer: from the lab bench work to its clinical perspectives. London, Academic Press, 2021. 259 pp. (Sensitizing Agent-Canc Resistant-Cell Mediated Immtherapy). [ITG Library: PM/Online]
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Q. Clinical and laboratory medicine

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R. Pharmacology and therapeutics

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S. Hygiene. Public health

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U. Tropical medicine and other specialties

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V. Surgery

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Z. Geography. Anthropology. Sociologie. Economics

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