E-journals & P-journals

Electronic journals

The ITM Library offers access to several thousands of electronic journals. A large selection of these is available from the E-journals list. Access to full text is either freely available on the Internet (‘Open access‘) or restricted to ITM staff or students logged into the ITM network with an active account (‘ITM subscription‘).

Printed journals

The ITM Library also features a historic collection of some 1,500 different journals, some of them stretching back in the past to over a century. Both current and discontinued printed periodical collections are described in a Periodicals Catalogue and in a ITG Library Serials Holdings database.

The journal issues and bound volumes can be taken freely from the stacks, but should be left on one of the reshelving tables after use. Unbound issues and reference journals should always stay in the library. Bound journals can be borrowed by ITM staff for a maximum period of one week. Students and visitors cannot borrow any journals.

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