Scanning & Printing

Scans, prints and photocopies

The library disposes of a multifunctional photocopy machine, located on the right from the entrance. This can be used only with personal electronic ITM badges and a user name / password ID combination. Visitors can temporarily obtain such a badge at the service desk. Photocopy cards from other libraries cannot be used.

ITM staff can obtain photo- or e-copies of requested articles via our dedicated Document Delivery service ( | tel. 244).


  • A4 format photocopies or print-outs cost 0.06 Euro each.
  • A3 format photocopies or print-outs cost 0.12 Euro each.
  • Color copies cost 0.50 Euro each.
  • Downloading information from bibliographic databases or Internet resources is free of charge.
  • Scanning printed library resources is free of charge.

Attention! Photocopying is subject to international copyright rules:

  • It is not peritted to copy books or journal issues from cover to cover.
  • Photocopies are made exclusively for personal use.
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