ITM Library – Annual Report 2020


During 2020 the ITM library saw its largest physical reorganization in over 3 decades. The floor space was reduced by 40%, evacuating the former journals reading room on the third floor housing some 1000 m of bound periodicals. 500 m was moved to the central reading room on the fourth floor, 250 m could be stored in other locations in the ITM buildings, incl. the Karibu archives, and 250 m was sent permanently to the waste paper containers. Yet care was taken that no essential or/and unique collections were discarded and also the books – partly relocated in the front part of the reading room, partly in our closed compact storage – were left unharmed. Ever looking at the bright side of life, I am happy to admit that the dreaded nightmare could have been much worse.

Library staff currently consists of 35-year veteran librarian Dirk Schoonbaert and freshly starting library assistant Nic Peeters, both operating on a 80% schedule, so VTE now totals 1.6. During summer we got substantial  administrative help of 2 jobstudents to successfully mitigate arrears in our various databases, and 3 additional jobstudents for the physical relocation of journal collections. Fortunately we were able to keep the library open and functioning during most of the paralyzing Covid-19 crisis, just inserting a handful of extra closing days in December.

As for E-content our biomedical literature resources remained at the same level, with thousands of E-books and E-journals and dozens of bibliographic databases, all integrated seamlessly in our ever improving EDS Discovery ServiceTropMed Central Antwerp received another major update adding over 500 recent bibliographic records featuring full-text PDFs. PURE research outputs were kept up-to-date on a weekly basis.

Dirk Schoonbaert


2020 in Numbers

Acquisitions (Print and Digital)223
– Purchased p-Books106
– Purchased e-Books24
– Donated p-Books9
– Retrospectively Cataloged Older p-Books84
Total Number of Print Booksca. 25000
Individual new e-Books Cataloged in 2020300
Total Number of Individual e-Books in Catalog *ca. 4300
Total Number of e-Books in Packages **ca. 12000
Total Number of CD-ROMsca. 360
Total Number of Videos459
Total Number of ITM Dissertations3348
– Total Number of Digital Master Theses2525
Total Number of PhD Theses in Collection1210
– Total Number of Digital PhD Theses163
Print Subscriptionsca. 70
– Volumes Bound in 2020118
– Total Number of Volumes (after curation)ca. 30000
Online Subscriptionsca. 4000
Online Package Subscriptions5
Free Open Access Journals (DOAJ)ca. 15700
Electronic Reference Library (ERL)
– Number of ERL Databases (now via EDS)12
– ITG Staff Publications: Number of Records17850
– TropMed Central Antwerp: Number of Records9390
– ISI Web of Knowledge Sessionsca. 2300
Other Bibliographic Database Subscriptions4
Major Free Online Databases5
Document Delivery
Internal Requests667
Incoming Requests96
Outgoing Requests238
DGDC Framework Requests56
Photocopies & Printsca. 14000

* Individual e-books in the library catalog, excl. open access e-books from e.g. WHO or NCBI
** E.g. Ebsco Clinical Collection and several free internet platforms

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