ITM Library – Annual Report 2017


Total Number of Individual e-Books in Catalog *ca. 3000
Total Number of e-Books in Packages **ca. 10000
Total Number of CD-ROMs359
Total Number of Videos382
Total Number of ITM Dissertations3215
– Total Number of Digital Master Theses2406
Total Number of PhD Theses in Collection1126
– Total Number of Digital PhD Theses110
Print Subscriptionsca. 100
– Volumes Bound in 2017119
– Total Number of Volumesca. 37500
Online Subscriptionsca. 4000
Online Package Subscriptions5
Free Open Access Journals (DOAJ)11000
Electronic Reference Library (ERL)
– Number of ERL Databases12
– ITG Staff Publications: Number of Records16826
– TropMed Central Antwerp: Number of Records8301
– ERL Login Sessions[?]
– ERL Database Logins[?]
– ISI Web of Knwoldege Sessions2300
Other Database Subscriptions4
Major Free Online Databases5
Document Delivery
Internal Requestsca. 3500
Incoming Requests306
Outgoing Requests447
Success Rate95.0%
DGDC Framework Requests132
Success Rate96.4%
Photocopies & Prints21064

* Individual e-books in the library catalog, excl. open access e-books from e.g. WHO or NCBI
** SpringerLink medical and biomedical collections 2005-2010 and Ebsco Clinical Collection

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