Library Tour

The library covers the upper two floors of the central wing of the ITM building. The entrance is situated on the fourth floor, and can be reached using the elevator or the stairs at the side of the parking lot.

Upper Floor

On the upper floor, to the right of the entrance, are: the service desk, the library administration area, the photocopying room, the Dubois reading room (accessible only for ITM academic and scientific staff), and a closed store room. The larger part of this floor, to the left of the entrance, is taken up by the main reading room (reading room Broden), with the meeting room Janssens and a small group study room at its far end.

Lower Floor

The lower floor (accessible only from the Broden reading room) comprises a second reading room where the bound periodicals are stored (room Rodhain),two small group study rooms and a silent room.

The vast majority of the library collections are displayed in open access: periodicals are arranged in alphabetical order and books by subject (Barnard classification). When items are not readily available in open access, this is listed in the respective catalogs (ITG Book and Document Holdings and ITG Serial Holdings. A printed periodicals catalog is also available for consultation in most sections of the library. An electronic PDF version is freely downloadable.

Broden Reading Room

The Broden reading room accomodates the major book collection, the journal issues of the current year, and the complete collections of the more important bibliographic journals. The computers offering access to the catalogues and databases are also located in this reading room, at the left side of the entrance.


Books are arranged on the book stacks systematically by subject (see: Barnard classification of books). An alphabetical listing of subjects can be found on the posters next to the computerized catalogues, left to the entrance of the Broden reading room. Books can be taken from the shelves freely, but should be left on a reshelving table after reading!

Current Journals

Journal issues of the current year are kept in large display stacks. They are arranged alphabetically by title. Each journal box displays the most recent issue, while the other issues are stored behind the (movable) board. After reading, please put the issues back in their exact places, or leave them on a reshelving table!

When volumes are complete, they are bound and stored in the Rodhain reading room.

Bibliographic journals are kept in a separate section. All volumes are placed together on the shelves along the left wall of the Broden reading room. They are arranged per general subject category. These journals can be consulted freely at the adjoining reading bar. Afterwards, please put them back in their proper places.

The reading bar is reserved exclusively for bibliographic or reference purposes. Books and ordinary journals are read at the individual tables.

Older books, journals of minor importance or incomplete volumes, reports, dissertations, and a number of other publications are kept in a closed store room. They must be asked for at the service desk. Other books may be present in one of the research departments and should be consulted in these departments or requested for consultation inside the library.

Rodhain Reading Room

The Rodhain reading room accomodates the bound volumes of most periodicals (with the exception of the current issues). They are arranged alphabetically by title. Incomplete volumes and a few less important journal collections are kept in a closed store room (see printed catalogue of periodicals). These are to be asked for at the service desk. The volumes can be taken from the shelves freely, but should be left on a reshelving table after reading!

Large format journals and a collection of reports from Congo/Zaire, Rwanda and Burundi can be found in a separate shelving case under the stairs.

Dubois Reading Room

The Dubois reading room is for exclusive use by academic and scientific ITG staff. All books and journal issues received are displayed here for one week.

Every Monday morning they are replaced by more recent acquisitions. Afterwards the books are moved to the book stacks in the Broden reading room, and the journal issues put on the journal display stacks. Bibliographic journals are placed on the wall shelves.

Group Study Rooms

These rooms can be used for group study (priority) or quiet self-study. For group study making reservations at the counter is advised. One room can hold 12 persons, the others just 6. Please close the doors when you use these rooms for teaching or discussion.

Silent Room

At the far end of this floor there is a 'silent' room that can be used for private activities such as meditation, prayer, breastfeeding or just relaxing. A key can be obtained at the library counter.