BEWARE: The ERL Catalog is no longer being updated, but remains useful for searches up to 2018.

The EDS Catalog is fully up-to-date but requires you apply the 'ITM Books Catalog' limiter.

P-books, E-books & H-books

Printed books

The ITG library holds over 25,000 printed books. All books (but also unpublished documents and selected journal theme issues) are included in the electronic ITG Library Book and Document Holdings catalog.

Most of these books are arranged by subject in open access on the library stacks in the reading room. They can be taken freely for consultation, but should be left on one of the reshelving tables after use. ITM staff can borrow books for a period of up to three weeks. ITM students can borrow one book at a time for a period of one week.

Electronic books

The ITG library gives access to several thousands of electronic books ("E-books") from various publishers and collections. Many are freely print- and downloadable, others are restricted to a limited number of simultaneous users or pages per session. For new developments check the ITG Library Newsletter. Most of the available E-books are included individually in the ITG Library Book and Document Holdings catalog, with the document type listed as "Book-E".

Hybrid books

An increasing number of books are now available to ITG in both digital and printed format. In this case both formats are referred to in the ITG Library Book and Document Holdings catalog, with document type listed as "Book-H".

'Missing' books

Some of the books listed in the ITG Library Book and Document Holdings catalog cannot be found on the library stacks. These may be held permanently in the research departments or in the library's archival store rooms. Other books may have been borrowed temporarily by ITM staff. This can be verified at the library counter. Journal theme issues or supplements included in the catalog are classified together with the regular volumes in the serials collection.

Books not available in the ITM Library collection can be requested from other libraries [check the interlibrary lending conditions].

Book orders

Books for the library, departments, projects and courses can be ordered via the library. The library does not order books for individual staff members or students.

New books

Books most recently received by the ITM Library are listed in the semestrial acquisitions lists.

TropMed lists

Lists with selected books on tropical medicine and related specialties.


ITGPress was created in 1997 as the official imprint for original ITM monographs (currently over 40 items). For more information click the bottom link on the left side of this page.